• CNC Milling machines

    Our line of smart CNC machines are a proven solution for repairshops,
    and are well suited for use in the complex world of moldmaking and prototyping.

    They will easily handle small production runs and are a perfect fit for use in the education sector.

    They are gaining in popularity in the ever growing hobbyest market,
    due to their simplicity in design and ready to go packaging.

    The computer and machine controller are built in as a unit and all our machines come completely wired following strict electrical codes.
    Each machine is inspected and tested at the factory before shipping.
    These machines are built to last. With the power and capabilities to fulfill "real" production tasks in the toughest of materials such as, stainless or carbonated steels.
    Proudly made in Austria using only the highest quality of materials, they offer a powerful and durable, yet compact, solution for even the most particular of user.
    Our smart CNC machines rank at the top of their class in efficiency, reliabilty, accurracy and affordability.
    This level of peformance could only be achieved by the experience we've gained from over 30 Years in the precision machine building industry. .

    Here we have an small introductionvideo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fusEyQrGFHM and here work in Steel https://www.youtube.com/embed/MBZsps5-hLY

     So whar are you waiting for ?