Eduucation and Hobby support

We support Education-facilities and hobbyists. Since we produce directly in Austria, we have easy "ways" to your solution.

One of our greatest benefits is the "build to order" concept. So we can easily adjust to your needs. And of course we can and will consult you.

In most cases your request is the start to an dialog which leads to an goods solution for you.  often we do our offer in variations which you can direct discuss and decide with your colleques.

If you choose the complete bundle you can start to work & teach right after "unboxing" and power connection.

We offer the whole palette from manual only machines , machines which you can use manual and cnc as full cnc small production machines depending to your needs.

The lathebundle consist of lathe, cabinet/table, rollgrains, drillchuck and base tooling set.

The milling head can be mounted direct at the lathe if you lack of space.

Drehbank und Fräsmaschine

We offer bigger vertical mill which can be manuell , electric feed or full CNC.

We prepared detailed description of the machines which you can print for your reference.