Our milling machine is a professional bed-type milling machine providing highest accuracy.

30 years of experience went into the construction of this machine which is designed for steel.

Its practicality is realized through many small but utterly useful details. 

The CNC milling machine is designed by machinists for machinists and manufactured in Austria.

We have direct access to the production facility thus making it possible to have your machine configured in almost any desired way.

Machine structure

This machine is a vertical precision milling machine with polished profiled rail guides (in all axes) for maximum positioning accuracy and precision.

Spindle drive

Engine speed is electronically controlled by a frequency converter which has been optimized for maximum performance of the supply voltage of 220V.

Motor protection is ensured through an emergency stop switch, and covers overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature, adjustable startup time and braking delay which may be pre-set on the high-frequency inverter. The controller works equally well in manual and CNC control. The inverter also controls forward and reverse rotation, as well as speed – thus operating surprisingly smoothly and without noise making it particularly pleasant and practical to use. The machine is equipped with an Austrian engine (400V / 2.3kW and rotation numbers of 10 to 4000 rev / min, not encapsulated – i.e. well cooled). An additional 3-stage SPZ-transmission, ensures full engine power in lower and upper engine speed range.

Toolholding Taper

The machine is designed for steel that is why we have chosen ISO 30 toolholder. The ISO30 ensures mecanical power transfer and precise repeatability and is an quick tool change system. We use high quality tapered roller bearings that is why concentriciy is 0,01mm (measured at the shaft) 

The standard build type is also "press drill" functionality.

Drill press

You of course can order the machine without that feature then we use the space for an additional ballbearing set. 

This option should be used if you plan doing small series production with that machine. 

The toolholder are fixed by an M12 drawbar through the spindle. This ensures highest repeatability and fast tool change. 

Remark : We are testing an pneumatic toolchanging system right now and preapre an system with an 12 Place automatic toolchanger 


The mill column is extreme robust (160mm wide) and utilize an high precision polished linear rail.Supplemental the rails

are covered by sheet metal covers - because of this no burn by hot chips! 

The mill head can be pivoted 180° 


Crosstable is  200 x 750mm precise, massive, polished to, travel is 180 x 440mm, 3 T-Nuts (14mm wide), supported by high precision hardened ,polished linear rails. 

Axis drive

Alle 3 axis are driven by high quality ball bearing spindles. 

The motor configuration ist to be freely chosen up to your needs. 

Our standard are high end Nanotec stepper motors you will not be disapointed. We in general mount them in encoder enabeled version that you later can decide to do an closed loop or feedback system. And best is you decide for an feedback system from start. And of course servo drives are possible as well. 

Pro and con of several axis configurations


Axis drive






price effective

high torque at low RPM

At higher speeds torque lower fast and loosing stepps is possible

loosing stepps is possible

best choice for costeffective solution or,and individual production time is no issue for you

Stepper in Feedback configuration

high torque at low RPM


At higher speeds torque lower fast and loosing stepps is possible

loosing stepps is possible but is noticed and stopps the cut. 

complicated configuration

you can risk higher RPM (higher drive speed) but it may ruin your piece if loosing stepps occur.

(Not verry likely)  

Stepper in "Closed Loop") configuration

high torque at low RPM

higher RPM possible

loosing stepps prevented by system. 


At higher speeds torque lower fast and loosing stepps would be possible but,..

loosing stepps is possible but is noticed and corrected (similar to  Servo) 


complicated configuration

you can drive the system much faster.

the system has higher precision.  


approx 6 times faster than steppers at same torque

no stepps lost. 


at lower RPM slightly less power than stepper

possible step loss conditions are handled by the system (torque, speed & velocity configuration

complicated configuration

best solution for factory type of use and aluminium pieces. 


CNC Gearcutting feature. 

This functionality gives feedback from spindle to the system. (Spindelsyncronisation) With that feature you can cut automatic gears or ream. This functionality is a necessarity for spindel orientation which is required for Automatic tool change. 



Housing- Splashguard

The standardconfiguration for the machine is an steeltable, tub and 6 sheetmetal guards. The steeltub has no drain for the cooling fluid. We recommend at cnc use the fullhousing. 

The cooling stays in the machine and you have highest safety. 


Computer control and user input. 

The system will be configured up to your needs including an control. If you have an maus, keyboard and screen you can use it. We also have the possibility to bring an gloves able user input devie to the machine.