precision milling machine TMF12

Our rigid precision milling machine TMF12 to mill metall and plastic is the ideal choice for the demanding mecanic, modeller as well as electric optical or similar educational workshops.


Gesamtsicht Fräsmaschine

The basic machine consists of : 

  • High precision grinded profile rails in all 3 axes
  • Extremely smooth running and very pleasant Practical use.
  • Milling head can be tilted up to 180°
  • Milling spindle electronically adjustable speeds
  • 2,3 kW Motor (230V) 
  • Left / Right 
  • Spindle taper taper shank SK30 DIN 2080
  • High concentricity (measured 0.01mm in Pinole!) By tapered roller bearings
  • Driven by an 3 stage SPZ gear therefore always best torque available.
  • Pinole 70mm Durchmesser mit 80mm Hub 
  • adjustable depth stop with millimeter scale and fine adjustment (scale wheel 0.05 mm pitch)
  • Voltage 230V 16 A fuse sufficient. 
  • Steeltable, chip tray, 6 splash guards
  • Protective cover for the spindle
  • Easy to read scale with 0.05 mm pitch
  • All axes are able to be clamped
  • Manual
  • 3 Years warranty

Noteworthy features : 

  • Extremely strong Millingstand 160 mm wide with high precision hardened and ground linear rails
  • The Z axis is covered with steel plates therefore no burn when hot chips occur.
  • Height adjustment with digital display easily and accurately read. 
  • Handwheel for height adjustment is attached to the machine base therefore very convenient operation
  • The machine is characterized by particularly smooth running of only noise is the motor and ballbearings sound.
  • By Short taper for 3 and 4-jaw chuck the milling machine to be used as a lathe!

Spindle - drive motor 2.3 kW three-phase : 

The high performance VFD drive enables to control the speed 10-4000 rev / min continuously.

Since the motor is not encapsulated always good cooling!

The SPZ-transmission is in addition to 3 stages mechanically adjustable therefore always full in the lower and upper speed range power!

Axis travel :

  • Z-axis 420mm of spindle nose to upper clamping surface on the cross table
  • X-axis 400mm
  • Y-axis 175mm (200mm possible as special production)

 Motorschutzfunktion : 

  • Safety electronics (emergency stop switch, circuit breaker)
  • push button operation Start Stop (Start is lit)


Left/Right switch is missing on that picture !
Tool clamping in the spindle steep taper ISO30 :
A particularly solid holding tools as normally seen at much more expensive machines.
Much additional equipment Accessories to order (additional charge) : 
e.g. Machine vices, chucks, precision collets, Shell and mandrels coolant system etc.
measurements and weight: 
  • Base of the cabinet: Width 100 cm Depth 65 cm Height 80 cm
  • Expenset: center spindle 215mm up behind cover
  • Tablesize : 750mm x 200mm 
  • Weight without cabinet: 270 kg with cabinet 320 Kg

Safety device for the spindle

Sicherheitseinrichtung und Klemmvorrichtungen