Universal Lathe educationbundle

Adjusted  for Educational facilities we offer  Universallathe 10

Center-height 130mm distance between centers 650 /1100mm and inner spindle diameter according to your needs.  

Our solid universal lathe is for lathe and mill operation in metal and plastic the optimum for the demanding mecanic, scale modeller as well as electro or optical or similar educational workshops. 

The base machine consists of  

  • Lead screw (for feed and for tapping)
  • Manufactured in toolmaker quality (incl. protocol ) 
  • Guideways with hardened linear guides in the X and Z axis 
  • Motor 400V/1,1kw (optional Electronic control 230V ) 
  • Right- and Left at Mainpindel 75 to 2100 RPM 
  • Longitudinal feed automatically (3 stage ,completely silent, automatic shut-off possible)
  • 3-jaw chuck 125 mm (with outer and inner jaws)
  • Jawshield (increases security ideal for school ) 
  • Collet device (within the spindle can 5C collets are mounted directly)
  • Thread cutter (= tumbler for left and right-hand thread)
  • 4-way compartment turningtool-holder and extra turning tool-clamping plate
  • Clamping-tool (12x12mm ) + cutting insert (diamond shape for longitudinal and face turning)  
  • Quick-release lever for tailstock and quill (no open-end wrench "toy" as elsewhere)
  • Safety electronics (emergency stop switch,mains contactor, belt cover is secured etc.)
  • Pushbutton operation Start Stop (Start is lit)
  • Chip tray, splash guard 
  • Manual
  • 3 Year warranty 

(Change gears for thread are to be ordered separately ) 

Universaldrehbank Grundausstattung ohne Tisch und VFD


The machines are available in various configurations from the spindle bore 20 - 51 mm center height 130 or 180mm and 350-1100mm Length between centers

This leads to needed space and weight (approx 220 kg ) 


The school bundle adds to the basic machine rollgains. drill chuck, metal table and if needed an basic lathe tooling. 


Now to the optional features and configurations : 


Electric - Motor selection: 

  • 400V 1,1kw 1400 RPM three-phase is the base.  The prerequisite is that you have 400V in the workshop!
  • Electronic control 230V 1.1kW inverter (see speed range)

Elektronik Frequenzumrichter

The inverterdrive(VFD) sets the 230V from mains to 400V for the motor therefore "sufficient" 230V connection in the workshop.

The inverter can continuously regulate 5-4000 RPM via potentiometer. (Is also prerequisite for CNC operation ) 

All special features such as overcurrent voltage startup delay etc are adjustable. 


main spindle : 

  1. Short taper similar to DIN 55021
  2. Inner cone MK3 for Tailstock (between centers rotate) or tools
  3. Indoors provisioning for ground 5C precision collets
  4. Various internal diameter 20-51 mm, depending on the version



optional indexing-device : 

At the pulley that is attached to the main spindle, 12 part holes are made where the position pin can anker. (Extra to buy at additional cost)

The safety device for the three-jaw chuck

Dreibackenfutter Sicherheitseinrichtung

The key is locked.

Speedrange  : 

Belt drive (3 pcs. V-belts)

basic equipment : 

7 speeds: 75, 150, 260, 340, 630, 1100 and 2100 RPM

when using a 2 stage motor (400V three-phase)

14 different speeds  48, 75, 95, 150, 165, 260, 220, 340, 400, 630, 710, 1100 1350 and 2100 RPM

Electronic control: 5 to 4000 RPM with the rotary knob continuously adjustable.


The Interior of the belt drive


Quickfix for the tailstock and quill (no annoying mother mount hassle as in other machines),

practical shelf on the tailstock. Scale in mm on the quill and scale ring with 0.05mm pitch at the handwheel.

  • quill diameter 30 mm 
  • quilltravel       80 mm 
  • Quills inner cone MK2 
  • lateral adjustment +/- 8mm 

The tailstock is precisely and smoot on the linear guide. The clamping is centrally

Reitstock Rückansicht

Feed : 

  • 3 automatic longitual feeds 0,08 - 0,13 - 0,18 mm /rev
  •  completely silently and operated from the front with a lever
  • with fine turntable feed from 0.03 mm / rev

Threadcuttingwith change gear kit and scissors :

  • Metric threads         24 pitches of 0,1125 bis 4,5mm 
  • Imperial threads      37 pitches of  128 bis 5 Pitch / Inch
  • Modulthreads          18 pitches from 0,2 to 2 Modul 

Gewindeschere montiert

The scissors and the gears must be ordered separately.

Ordering option quick change tool post : 

The standard version

the quick change tool post is to be ordered optional


Example shows mounted on the upper support. There are 3 tool carriers in delivery.

Werkzeugträger Nornal

please reorder if needed. There are also tool support with V-groove for drilling rods.




Order Option electrical feed : 

Bestelloption Elektrovorschub

Here you can see the control panel, the axes and the speed.

Order Option milling unit : 

can also mount a milling on the milling machine.

Is especially in a small footprint advantageous.

Standardausführung mit Fräseinheit

Here is the basic version without frequency-inverter with T-slot table

The cutter in use with extended quill.

Fräsbeispiel mit Pinole im Einsatz.  Fräsbeispiel V-Nutfräsen.

A key feature is that it can reuse the collets for milling in the main spindle. And vice versa. 


Orderoption Mitlauflünette : 

Mitlauflünette im Einsatz